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List of Class(LMSH)

This is the list of Australian Company - classified by class (LMSH). Click the sub-class name, you can browse more details.

EXPT (Exempt Proprietary Company)
HUNT (Proprietary home unit company - A company that operates for the sole purpose of administering the day - to - day running of a residential property (refer to paragraph (c) of the definitions of 'special purpose company' in the Corporations (Fees) Regulations for full details))
LISN (Company licensed under Section 383 of the Corporations Act 2001 to omit 'Limited' from its name)
LIST (Listed public company)
NEXT (Non - Exempt Proprietary Company)
NONE (Unknown)
PNPC (Proprietary non - profit company)
PROP (Proprietary other.)
PSTC (Proprietary superannuation trustee company)
STFI (Public company – small transferring financial institution)
ULSN (Unlisted public -non-profit company)
ULSS (Unlisted public -superannuation trustee company)
ULST (Unlisted pubic company)