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List of Class(LMSH)

This is the list of Australian Company - classified by class (LMSH). Click the sub-class name, you can browse more details.

EXPT (Exempt Proprietary Company)
HUNT (Proprietary home unit company - A company that operates for the sole purpose of administering the day - to - day running of a residential property (refer to paragraph (c) of the definitions of 'special purpose company' in the Corporations (Fees) Regulations for full details))
LIST (Listed public company)
NEXT (Non - Exempt Proprietary Company)
NONE (Unknown)
PNPC (Proprietary non - profit company)
PROP (Proprietary other.)
PSTC (Proprietary superannuation trustee company)
STFI (Public company – small transferring financial institution)
ULSN (Unlisted public -non-profit company)
ULSS (Unlisted public -superannuation trustee company)
ULST (Unlisted pubic company)