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ASIC - Company Dataset

The ASIC(Australian Securities and Investments Commission) company dataset contains the following fields: company name, ACN(Australian company number), type, class, sub class, status, date of registration, previous state of registration (where applicable), state registration number (where applicable), modified since last report - flag to indicate if data has been modified since last report, current name indicator, ABN(Australian business number), former name, current name, current name start date.

Date of Registration

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Renamed Date

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Classified by class

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LMGT (Limited by Guarantee - The members' liability is limited to a certain amount that they undertake to contribute in case of a winding up. The amount is specified in a clause in the Memorandum of Association of the company. A member of a company limited by guarantee is not required to in any capital while the company is a going concern.)
LMSG (Limited by Both Shares and Guarantees - The member has the liability as a shareholder (to the extent of the amount unpaid on his shares) and as a guarantor (to the amount nominated in the Memorandum) in the event of a winding up.)
LMSH (Limited by Shares - The liability of the members is limited to the amount unpaid on their shares. Shareholders are not required to contribute any further monies (in the case of a winding up) if the shares they have taken up are fully paid.)
NLIA (No Liability Company - Mining companies only. No legal obligations on the shareholder to pay calls on their shares, e.g.Sterling Silver NL)
NONE (NONE - Does not have an equivalent Australian liability)
UNLM (Unlimited Company - Is formed on the principle that there is no limit on the liability of the members. Simply, an incorporated partnership, e.g. Mercantile Services Pty, Solicitors)
Classified by type

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APTY (Australian proprietary company)
APUB (Australian public company)
FNOS (Foreign company (a company incorporated outside Australia but registered as a foreign company in Australia))
RACN (Registered Australian Corporation (an organisation incorporated in Australia under a law other than the Corporations Law but required to be registered under the Corporations Law))
Classified by status

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CNCL (Unknown)
DISS (Dissolved by Special Act of Parliament.)
DIV3 (Organisation Transferred Registration via DIV3.)
DRGD (De-registered.)
EXAD (External administration (in receivership/liquidation).)
NOAC (Not active.)
REGD (Registered.)
SOFF (Strike-off action in progress.)